In the premium plan, you get access to our SamBox.io Licenses module into which, we maintain your trustworthy entitlement data all along the subscription period.



Collect data from well-known data sources, in a few clicks. Easy as pie.

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Data Quality

Identify erroneous, incoherent or missing values (such as orphan VMs, missing Edition, Version…), get your Data Quality Confidence Score, and fix it step by step.

Qualité de donnée
License Engine

License Position Engine

All licensing rules are embedded and continuously updated by our team. Monitor your compliance on premise and into the clouds.

Optimization by design

Make better choice than an auditor when it comes to allocate licenses on servers or users. Best-in-class algorithms aiming at minimizing residual license shortages, while maximmizing stock on shelf.


Even further optimization

License consumption still too high ? Let us automatically suggest smart infrastructure changes on your physical & virtual servers, & clusters, and draw your remediation path, move by move.

Custom Views

Flag your reference analysis, compare them, and monitor the evolution.

Vues custom


Beyond ELP, get a 360° view of your company situation thanks to KPI, specifically imagined for each vendor