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You can use our mathematical evaluation and optimization tools directly from your web browser, in self-service. They guide you step by step through your compliance assessment. You are fully autonomous and can start right away, without having to install anything.

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You benefit from the assistance of our specialized consultants throughout your entire project. We are accessible by live chat, email, phone calls or video to guide you; from the day your order to the interpretation of your final compliance report.

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You only pay for what you need, and when you need it. Only your infrastructure that is really concerned is invoiced. Our formulas are non-binding, and we accept payments by credit card, SEPA direct debits and international transfers.

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Your data remains secure. We follow high security standards for our entire infrastructure, including HTTPS encryption of exchanges, compliance with OWASP Top 10 recommendations and encryption of our disks.

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How does it work?

Assessing software licensing compliance consists in matching owned licensing rights with the requirements coming from installations and usage of the software within your company. assists you during this three steps process.

img.home_process_1 helps you collect and organize your data.

img.home_process_2 checks and improves your data quality.

img.home_process_3 computes and optimizes, with a single click, your compliance analysis.

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They recommend us

« Within an IT department, we must respond to the innovation challenges of our customers in the Digital, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud sectors; and we do not have the time or the means to closely monitor the permanent evolution of the licensing rules of the major publishers; allows us to keep control of our data and planning, by relying on an expertise deployed on the platform. »

Michel V.

IT production manager

« As an Elée customer for several years, I have indirectly used the SamBox tool over and over again, while it was exclusively in the consultants' hands; each time, the calculations were reliable, accurate, and always optimized to save me a maximum of licenses. »

Erwan T.

Software solutions architect

« I know that with Elée, I am dealing with professionals who are very concerned about the accuracy of the results. That's what makes the difference for me, because in the event of an audit, we can't afford to be vague. »

Jean-Jacques E.

IT Director

« The right tool, for the right job; does not pretend like other tools to manage every possible license imaginable; but what is done in matches my needs, and the result is 100%. »

Marc G.

SI Manager