Yes. With, you can extract at any time if you want to make a detailed gap analysis. Or you can also re-process your former ELP into and use our views to compare Year N-1 versus Year N.
Yes. will first assess your license shortages, and then recommends infrastructure optimization actions to reach the lowest license shortage point (and possibly erase it!). Once the remediation plan is drawn, just roll it out step by step.
Relevant data can either come from well-known data sources that will interface with, through flat-files exports & connectors, or through self declaration data of yours. In both cases, starting point will be the BOX file, and you can edit it as much as you want because it is a simple Excel spreadheet.
You can extract and re-ingest the data at any time, all along your journey. Extract will be in Excel format, the BOX file.
Because it is too easy to make a small mistakes in your license estate (edition, metrics, maintenance, perpetual, or not….), we have decided to handle that for you at no extra fees within premium plan.
Concretely, we retrieve the relevant contractual document at the beginning of the subscription, analyze it, and transcript the relevant license estate into When you make your analysis then, you just use these verified procurement data in one click.
And finally, we grant you access with your dedicated licenses purchase module into which we will be able to store all procurement data : contracts, orders, articles….
You can absolutely process a full sequence without using the connectors. If you can use them, they will just ease the work for you. If you think one connector is missing, let us know, and maybe we’ll consider that in our next release ;)
Data quality analysis exist in multiple forms; here, we have really thought about it, vertical per vertical. Concretely, if you have erroneous data related to Unix world, we will not bother you with it for SQL server because it does not prevent you to get excellent results on that type of licenses.
Actually, we have multiple compliance engines, one for each vertical. That enables us to embedd all licensing rules with their specificities.
Moreover, with our engines, we do not expect the users to tell the tool which license should be used for one given server (allocation). guides you to describe your licenses, to describe your server footprint, and we do the rest.
Yes, our optimization features can be used either to remediate an existing situation, and immediately build the ideal one.
Yes. Premium plan includes up to 10 users accounts. Each user can then share/receive projects, either in 'edit' mode (for collaborative work) or only in 'read' mode.
Yes, can retrieve and then re-ingest data into Aspera SmartTrack, Snow Software, Flexera FlexNet and ServiceNow.
No, and we will never be !! belongs to Elee, a 100% neutral and independent pure player of SAM. We do not resell licenses, and have never been paid by Microsoft, nor Oracle, nor IBM, SAP…
That non conflicted position is key for us, and that explains why we do not intend to enter into any commercial or partnership discussions with vendors.
Yet, we are very confident in the reliability of our results, because we continuously verify the applicability of our analysis during all our consulting projects, all year long. Concretely, you can definitely send analysis results to an auditor if you disagree with him, we are comfortable with that.
All standard metrics are managed by if you do not find yours, that means that you have probably negotiated something specific. Let us know if we can adjust a setting for you to meet your needs (e.g. minima thresholds, ….)
Yes, we consider that these are the most relevant. Just upload a zip containing all LMS outputs, and will automatically analyze them and determine what options / mgmt. pack needs to be licensed or not.
We are not authorized to provide you with these scripts, but we can explain to you how to get them.
Yes, with the different versions of vCenter. And ff you have negotiated a VMWare isolation clause in your contract, that is also managed. manages both types of licenses. And if you are in a position to describe who accesses what applications (running on top of databases…multiplexing), will optimize and tell you where you should use NUP, and where you should use CPU.
Yes. We agree that differences can have large impacts on final results (license mobility, metrics, Azure Hybrid Use Benefits…). All licensing rules, with their specificities are embedded into
We publish into a library of real-life applicable use cases, that will all use our engines & custom views. It is then likely that your need could be addressed as a mix of our use cases. Let us know.
Sign up, and follow the order process in the free plan. No need to enter credit card.
Premium price is per company, based on a range of machines (that you have chosen), for up to 10 users.
Our prices are based on the machines that host the product, and only the machine. In this example, just count 1 machine.
We accept credit card, wire transfer, or direct debit.
So far, we only accept euros. If you want to pay in local currency, we can introduce you to our partners who can establish an invoice
No, we will propose you to if you’re satisfied with the service, but there is no automatic renewal.
Your premium account is immediately granted if you pay by credit card or direct debit. If you elect to pay by wire transfer, rights will be provisioned once the money is received on our bank account.
That’s one of the huge differences with other SAM solution. You should not consider the purchase of SamBox as a project. It does not require any integration services to make it work. No installation, no need to configure anything, no need to wait for someone to explain to you how it works. 100% Self Service.
Difficult to give precise figures because it can vary, but if you can use the connectors we talk about minutes. If you should build your own BOX file on your own, it may take a few hours, but not more. is indeed Self Service, and even if you are not a Microsoft or Oracle licensing expert, you will get reliable results. Moreover, we offer you free training session on that vendor if needed.
Finally, if you have too many questions and you want to secure your decisions, yes we can propose additional expertise through our SAM Professional Services.
For service, there is of course no difference. Our support will make sure to deliver answers as fast as possible.
If you purchase additional SAM Professional Services, we will make sure to address your needs through our partners’ network.
Actually, within our premium plan, we offer 2 types of training. The first is dedicated to and focused on the use of the solution (connectors, views…). It lasts up to 3 hours, and is optional, depending on whether you feel comfortable to start on your own, or if you prefer to let us explain beforehand.
Our second training is related to the vendor’s licenses vertical you just purchased; we provide you with a free 1 day live training session on Microsoft licensing, or Oracle licensing. These training sessions are delivered by a expert consultant of ours; we guarantee real interactions with expert.
Default support included into enables to ask as many questions as you want through the chat window, or by email. That can either be questions about the right use os, and request for quick help to understand some licensing results; Behind the support, we have real-human beings, of course the teams, but also our expert consultants should your questions require deep knowledge on licenses.
SAM Professional Services is more adapted to customers who want to be accompanied during a longer period (one or several days), either to review altogether the full analysis sequence step by step into SamBox, possibly process new scenarios to reach new goals, or to evaluate the RoI or decisions that could follow results. SAM Professional Services can also provide answers on SAM topics that are not immediately managed into