Track, Control and Optimize your 365 spending and usage

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscription licenses do weight a significant part of your Microsoft contract expenses. Which plans & add-ons have you subscribed for ? Who have they been assigned to ? Are these licenses really used ? Is it worth it ? ... Just a few examples of questions you would like to get immediate answers.

How does it work?

How does it work?

You’ve got all the data. Now let’s get value out of it.

Activate App onto Azure

Activate your user accounts onto Instantiate our turnkey App onto your Azure subscription. Give us half a day to reflect key figures of your Microsoft contract & customer price sheet. And that’s it. 2 hour work, and we are ready to start.

Let the data collection routine populate the dashboard

Our daily data collection job will grab all relevant pieces of information about licenses, users, plans, dates, reports. Only 3 days are needed to populate 100% of the dashboard.

Launch the dashboard & start managing your 365 contract

Start the dashboard and browse the different menus. Get to know what you have, what you use, and how you can immediately implement some cleaning and optimization actions. Let the dashboard get refreshed everyday, track the changes, the evolution, and continuously identify new optims day after day.

Let's check the result

Get your continuous diagnosis & analysis of your 365 expenses. Discover the benefits of daily morning reports

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Improve the way you expend and manage your resources. Get business results instantly and manage your licenses in the best way possible.

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Clear challenges O365's powerful SAAS tool allows you to analyze, manage, automate, optimize, secure and audit your Microsoft 365 environment. Let's take up the challenges together.

Backend process of GB of data every day, to manage & optimize licenses across large Enterprises

Get the full history of your licenses; Let’s systematically translate the figure into financial stakes to better understand the impact of each decision

Filter out the footprint at the tenant level, domain level... or consolidate multi domains – multi tenant immediately

Make use of embedded data vizualization to get the macro figures... and user-based details at the same time and its "High Thrust Engine" for SaaS Microsoft 365 license management offers you better visibility and control to achieve real savings through the optimization of subscriptions. is fully compliant with GDPR. That's why customer dashboards are 100% segregated between each others. Customers may even elect to keep and locate their 365 data onto their own tenant (data never leaves customer’s infrastructure, and no data is transferred onto server)

  • No Data transfered onto Server
  • We use only Azure AD Application with Graph API Permissions
  • Maximum SSO security through our rendering platform


Monitoring, history, trends, KPI, optimization, multi-tenant / multi-domains...


Available integrations

Integration capabilities of custom reports: because one size does not fit all, additional custom reports can be developed based on below mentioned sources or any additional data and then fully appended in the core body of dashboard to produce the “best of breed” for each customer


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